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Schedule Your Foot Injury Treatment Right Away

If your foot is hurt, visit us for a foot injury treatment as soon as possible. Whether you injured your foot in an accident or it began experiencing sudden pain, it is important to visit our clinic for an immediate diagnosis. Foot problems can become worse with relative ease and the best way to prevent the pain is to start treating it right away. This is especially important for anyone with diabetes or an immune disorder.


We typically base a foot injury treatment on the specific injury and a person’s overall health. There are many non-invasive methods to treat foot conditions. If there are concerns that surgery may be necessary, we will explore all non-invasive options first prior to going for more invasive treatment methods.

We recommend that patients always try non-invasive methods first because there is little to no risk. Sometimes this includes wearing a specific brace or orthotics. Other times, it involves physical therapy and medication. we base our treatment recommendations on patients’ individual needs. Thus, the treatment will depend on what we find during the examination and with the X-rays.

If there are concerns about the type of treatment, we want to know. We will take all concerns into account so that we can answer questions and make alternative recommendations if necessary.


Feet are critical to a person’s quality of life. If a foot sustains an injury or damage, then it can become difficult to stand, walk and conduct normal activities. Tasks, such as doing the dishes, vacuuming, cooking dinner or going to the office, can suddenly become too painful to complete. Exercise is impossible without pain when walking around or putting pressure on the feet.

If a foot trauma is left untreated, the condition is likely to become worse and something that was difficult may become an impossibility. Where walking may be painful today, eventually, a foot trauma could lead to foot loss. It is especially important for people with diabetes to keep this in mind since diabetes can lead to foot loss without the proper care. Treating a foot problem right away is the best thing a person can do to prevent foot loss or a disability from becoming a real possibility.


Patients come to us directly because they are suffering from foot pain and would like to see someone that focuses on the treatment of it. They also come to us from referrals received through a primary care physician. In any case, we are accepting new patients and are happy to answer questions and make recommendations to help anyone suffering from a foot injury or foot pain to feel better and regain their quality of life.

If your foot is injured or causing a lot of pain when walking or putting pressure on it, call our clinic and schedule an appointment. It is necessary to treat the condition immediately, regardless of what it is, and we are here to assist you.

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