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Sports Injuries Specialist

Leonard Greenwald, DPM

Podiatrist & Foot and Ankle Surgeon located in San Jose, CA

If you participate in sports, you know first-hand the stress it places on your feet and ankles. It's hardly surprising, then, that ankle- and foot-related sports injuries are some of the most common causes of pain in these areas. Podiatrist Leonard Greenwald, DPM, treats people of all ages for sports-related injuries at his practice in San Jose, California. If you've been injured in a sporting accident, start your treatment now. Call the office or request an appointment online today.

Sports Injuries Q&A

Are foot and ankle sports injuries common?

Your feet and ankles are made from bone, ligament, and soft tissue, making them vulnerable to injury — especially sports injuries. 

Many sports demand mobility and flexibility in your feet and ankles, often requiring you to twist, accelerate, pivot, and stop abruptly. These actions put your feet and ankles under a lot of stress.

Dr. Greenwald works with athletes of all ages to treat and manage foot and ankle pain caused by a sports injury.

What causes foot- and ankle-related sports injuries?

Ankle injury is one of the most common types of sports injury. It typically occurs when the ankle joint moves out of position or is on the receiving end of a heavy blow. 

Factors that contribute to a sports injury include:

  • Landing awkwardly after jumping
  • Tripping or falling over
  • Rolling or turning over the ankle
  • Twisting the ankle
  • A forceful tackle from a foot or stick
  • Walking or running on an uneven surface

Dr. Greenwald not only treats sports injuries but also offers advice on ways to prevent them.

What are common foot and ankle sports injuries?

Dr. Greenwald treats patients with a variety of foot- and ankle-related sports injuries. Here are a few of the most common.

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain. The tissues that support your foot arch act as a shock absorber. When they absorb too much stress — like when running long distances — they can become inflamed.

Sprained ankle

An ankle sprain occurs when the ankle twists or turns unnaturally, damaging ligaments and tendons.

Achilles tendinitis

The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the body, located just above the heel. Overtraining or overuse can cause a strain or even tear the tissue.

Heel spur

Heel spurs are calcium deposits on the heel bone. Running on hard surfaces, flat feet, high foot arches, improper footwear, and diabetes can all contribute to this condition.

Stress fracture

Stress fractures are common among people who participate in sports like basketball, dancing, tennis, running, and gymnastics. These activities all place frequent, repetitive stress on the foot and ankle that can result in a small crack in the bone.

Without the correct treatment, sports injuries can worsen and lead to further problems. Call Leonard Greenwald, DPM, or request an appointment online today.