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Bring Your Teen to See a Foot Doctor

Bring your teenager or college-age child to a foot doctor before they begin playing sports again this year. School sports are a lot of fun but they are also very demanding. If a child complains that they had foot pain during last year’s season, it is likely that that same pain is going to repeat itself unless they visit a doctor for treatment.


It is important for parents to pay attention when children complain of discomfort or irritation with a certain part of their body. Since children cannot schedule doctor’s appointment on their own, the only way for them to receive the help they need is to have parents take action.

Call our office and schedule an appointment with a foot doctor if a child or teen is complaining of the following:


When toenails are cut in a rounded fashion, they can easily become ingrown. This is where the toenails actually begin to grow into the skin and if left untreated, it can cause severe pain, bleeding, and infections. It is wise to bring a child or teen to our clinic for an examination and treatment if they have ingrown toenails.

While here, we can take steps to treat the condition with minimally invasive methods. it is only on rare occasions that we need to remove the entire toenail. We can also make recommendations for how to prevent this from happening in the future, such as wearing wider shoes.


There are a variety of factors that can lead to foot pain. Whether dull or stabbing, it is important to visit our clinic so that we can conduct an examination to determine the source of the foot pain and treat it accordingly. Since children and teens are still growing, if there is a problem happening, we need to correct it as soon as possible.


As a foot doctor, we treat a lot of patients with heel pain. Older adults tend to suffer from heel pain on a more frequent basis. It can happen due to the type of shoes that people wear and adults are more prone to wearing something like heels while working. Still, young adults and children can suffer from heel pain as well and it is important to diagnose and treat the problem early when possible.

Sometimes, it can be addressed by giving them special inserts to wear in their shoes to provide additional cushion and support.


Many youths suffer from shin pain due to playing sports or being active without properly stretching or wearing the right shoes while doing so. Visiting our clinic can help to identify the cause of any shin or calf pain so that we can treat it and prevent it from reoccurring.


Children or young adults put a lot of pressure on their feet. By running around and playing on the playground, participating in sports or being active in general, they are on their feet a lot and it is important to treat any health conditions so they can do so comfortably.

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