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You Don't Have to Live with Unsightly Warts

You Don't Have to Live with Unsightly Warts

When you have warts on your toes, heels, or any other part of your feet, you might feel embarrassed and uncomfortable about letting your feet be seen. Spending the whole summer in closed-toed shoes, always hiding your feet, isn’t the most fun way to live.

And, warts can create uncomfortable areas on your feet that may be more vulnerable to rubbing, callusing, or blistering. If you need to take extra precautions related to diabetic foot care, for example, that can pose a real problem.

Expert podiatrist Dr. Leonard Greenwald is here to help with warts on your feet, also known as plantar warts. Dr. Greenwald treats new and existing patients with plantar warts from his podiatry practice in San Jose, California.

If you’re looking for professional treatment options for warts on your feet, you’ll find plenty of effective choices with Dr. Greenwald! Instead of trying to treat the problem at home, or just ignoring your warts and hoping they’ll go away, seek professional podiatry support for your plantar warts.

The underlying cause of your warts

Plantar warts are actually a symptom of an underlying viral infection in your body. Human papillomavirus (HPV) can enter your feet through openings in your skin. If you go barefoot in areas where this infection is present, you can easily become affected, as warts are highly contagious.

Once the viral infection is present, outbreaks of warts tend to recur over time. Your body forms warts by layering keratin proteins, creating a raised bump. Warts can also form in clusters, known as mosaic warts.

At-home treatments may effectively get rid of one or two warts, but the problem will likely keep coming back. When that happens, inexpensive at-home solutions can start to add up and become pretty pricey. Consulting with an expert like Dr. Greenwald is your best bet for effectively addressing your plantar warts.

Removing warts and restoring your feet

Dr. Greenwald examines your warts and recommends the best treatments and therapies to restore your feet to smoothness and comfort. If any of your warts show warning signs of skin cancer, lab testing ensures we detect the cancer early, when treatment is most effective.

Nonsurgical treatment options with Dr. Greenwald include specialized prescription medications and in-office cryotherapy. With cryotherapy, Dr. Greenwald uses liquid nitrogen to address both the outer, visible parts of your wart and the underlying virus.

Some warts grow so many layers of skin that treatment can’t effectively get down to address the issue. When that occurs, you may need surgical treatment to expose and treat a bad wart. But, no matter how deeply grown over, Dr. Greenwald can get rid of your warts!

Instead of trying to live with your warts, risking frustration, loss of self-esteem, and foot pain or injury, get in touch with Dr. Greenwald today and find out more about what you should do to get rid of your foot warts for good.

Schedule your initial consultation appointment over the phone today! Or, use our online scheduling tool to book your visit.

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