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What Issues Can Orthotics Correct?

What Issues Can Orthotics Correct?

Your feet need a little extra support sometimes. After all, they carry you everywhere you need or want to go! And, the frequent pressure and load on your feet can cause podiatry problems if you’re not getting the foot support you need.

Podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Leonard Greenwald uses a full array of techniques to support your feet at his practice in San Jose, California. Custom orthotics are one of the least invasive approaches to improving your foot health. Orthotics are all about support!

With Dr. Greenwald’s help, you can use orthotic shoe inserts to address a wide range of foot and ankle problems. Could you benefit from custom orthotics? Here’s what you need to know.

Types of orthotics for podiatry treatment

Dr. Greenwald suggests the type of orthotic insert or device that makes the most sense for your foot or ankle treatment needs. Orthotics come in different shapes and sizes, including shoe inserts, footpads, arch supports, and ankle braces. You can even use combinations of different types of orthotics to completely support your feet!

If you have toe problems like hammertoes, bunions, calluses, or corns, orthotics can reposition your front foot and take pressure off of potentially painful areas. Shoe inserts or footpads can be helpful for these types of foot problems.

Shoe inserts can also help with bursitis, plantar fasciitis, or heel spurs.

Orthotics, arches, and ankles

Some people have issues with the arches of their feet. Your arches may be unusually high. Or, you may have flat feet, without much of an arch at all. Arch issues can cause foot pain, gait problems, and other issues. Arch inserts give the middle part of your foot the support you need to stay comfortable and fully mobile.

Ankles are another important part of your mobility. Ankle braces help if you have instability or weakness in your ankle joint. You might need an ankle brace if you have a condition like arthritis or tendinitis that affects your ankles, or if you’ve recently suffered from a trauma or injury affecting that joint. Ankle braces fit over your shoes and need to be custom-fitted.

Everything orthotics can treat

Orthotics work effectively to relieve foot and ankle pain, and also work over time to readjust your foot shape and mechanics. That means this treatment method gives you both short-term relief and long-term improvement in the condition of your feet.

Orthotics may be part of your diabetic foot care plan if you have diabetic neuropathy. Orthotics can also relieve transferred pain in other areas of your body if your pain is ultimately related to foot or ankle dysfunction. You may even be able to use orthotics to avoid or delay more invasive treatments like surgery.

While over-the-counter orthotics are available, custom orthotics from Dr. Greenwald offer you a personalized fit for more effective and comfortable use.

To learn more about how orthotics could benefit you, contact Dr. Greenwald today. Schedule your initial consultation by calling our office or requesting an appointment online.

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