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We Treat Foot Pain in Our Podiatry Office

We have found that many people live with foot pain but are unsure of how to treat it or the benefits of visiting a podiatry office. We encourage anyone who is struggling with foot or ankle pain or mobility restrictions to visit us right away so that we can conduct an examination, identify the source of the problem and provide treatment.


It is important for people to realize that it is possible to treat foot pain. Taking ibuprofen at home can be temporarily helpful but will not solve the problem because all it does is mask the symptoms, primarily swelling and pain. In our office, we look far beyond the symptoms to determine the source of the issue. The help we provide is focused on long-term healing and restored mobility. While we will always treat the patient's immediate pain and discomfort, this is not our ultimate goal. We want to heal our patients so they require constantly taking medication.


There are a variety of treatment options that can help with foot pain and instability. Most of them are noninvasive. For example, we may recommend:

If necessary, we have the ability to perform surgery to address foot problems as well. This can sometimes be necessary for truly solving the problem.

Treatment options we recommend will be based on the examination and results of various tests.


We encourage anyone who is looking for long-term relief from foot pain or instability caused by weak feet and ankles to visit our office for help. The main reasons patients come in are:


We specialize in treating the feet and ankles. Where a general family physician treats all types of conditions and does not specialize in any one thing, we have focused our entire practice on this area. This makes us the right physician to visit for any issues or health problems pertaining to the feet.


Get the help you need and experience relief from foot pain by calling our office and scheduling an appointment today.

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