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How to Get Rid of Chronic Heel Pain

How to Get Rid of Chronic Heel Pain

Most adults in the United States deal with heel pain at some point. If your heel pain stubbornly continues for three months or more, your pain is said to be chronic. Chronic heel pain makes it difficult to get around and can limit your life activities as well as put you through the stress of ongoing pain.

Whether your chronic heel pain comes and goes or is constant, podiatry expert Dr. Leonard Greenwald can help you address the situation. After identifying the root cause of your chronic heel pain at his San Jose, California, office, he recommends effective treatment options. 

With Dr. Greenwald’s support, you don’t have to suffer from heel pain that just won’t go away. Here’s what your foot doctor in San Jose wants you to know about relieving chronic heel pain. 

Evaluating and diagnosing your heel pain

Heel pain comes in several types and may be related to a variety of underlying causes. The first step in addressing your chronic pain problem is understanding the nature of your foot or ankle issue. That’s why you need professional podiatry care.

Dr. Greenwald reviews your symptoms and conducts a thorough physical exam as well as any needed diagnostic imaging like X-rays. Let him know if your pain gets worse when walking or resting, or if you feel pain more underneath or behind your heel or even in your heel bone itself. These details help Dr. Greenwald correctly diagnose your condition.

Your chronic heel pain may be caused by:

If you’ve been struggling with walking or daily activities for more than a few weeks, reach out to Dr. Greenwald for evaluation, diagnosis, and support. Chronic heel pain often needs attention from a professional podiatrist in order to improve. 

Treatment for chronic heel pain

You don’t have to keep suffering through symptoms of heel pain. Chronic heel pain is often very treatable once the underlying cause is known.

Dr. Greenwald and our team offer effective treatments and therapies for your chronic heel pain. You may benefit from:

Most often, even stubborn heel pain can be treated without surgical intervention

When you have stubborn heel pain symptoms that persist for months, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Greenwald. You can start your treatment journey once the cause of your chronic pain becomes clear. 

You don’t have to live with chronic heel pain. Relief is as simple as scheduling your initial consultation. Book your appointment online or over the phone today.

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