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Metatarsalgia Treatment


You may need a metatarsalgia treatment if the nerves leading to your toes have tissue developing around them. This is a common condition that impacts over 200,000 people every year in the United States. It typically occurs due to an injury or pressure from running or constantly wearing high heels. It may feel like you constantly have a rock in your shoe or a piece of cloth in your sock. Essentially, the sensation doesn't go away and constantly irritates you while walking or running. In our San Jose, CA podiatry office, Leonard Greenwald, D.P.M. can provide you with a metatarsalgia treatment by giving you cortisone injections, suggesting stretches and exercises that you can do, and recommending physical therapy in the 95133 area. To schedule a metatarsalgia treatment with a local foot doctor, call (408) 827-9483.


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